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Tethered Rides

Tethered Rides are perfect for events with a large number of people attending. This gives everyone an opportunity to experience a couple minutes of flight time while tied to the ground. 
Our tethered rides give each person about a 5 minute "up and down" to about 60 feet in the air. Enough to see the skyline and surrounding areas. Unique views of your event and something they may never experience any where else! This is a great way for a large number of people to experience what it's like to fly in a balloon.
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Aerial Marketing


When is the last time you have seen someone take a picture of your billboard? Hundreds of Thousands of people attend festivals small and large all across the country each year taking millions of photos of these beautiful flying billboards. They share these across social media platforms generating endless possible views - Free Marketing like you can't get any where else.


Let us build a marketing program for your business. With custom balloon banners, special shape characters the possibilities are endless. Contact Us today to get started!

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