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Frequently Asked Questions

We have developed a list of the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below please contact us!

Who is Magic Clouds?

Magic Clouds Balloon Corporation was  formed in 2013 by Tyler Jaques.


We specialize in creating memories that last a life time! Every flight is different but you can be assured you will have a very  fun and safe flight. We also provide aerial marketing, tethered rides, and pretty much anything you can imagine!


Tyler has an extensive background growing up in  Battle Creek  where multiple balloon events have taken place, including hosting the world championships multiple times! Tyler grew up around his father who was a Pilot for Post Cereals for over 30 years. After Tyler took his very first flight he was hooked!  He began flying and received his Private Pilot License in 2007 and later moved on to receive his Commercial License.


Tyler  took over the Post Cereals Balloon Club after his Father's Passing in 2016 and remains the president of that organization. He has flown various shaped Hot Air Balloons including the famous Sugar Bear Balloon and our very own Pigasus!


Because of the experience of Tyler and his crew members our balloon rides have quickly become a MUST DO while your in the Battle Creek area. Many people travel from several hours away to take a flight with us, and they are always sure to tell their friends which is where many of our future rides hear about us!


Are there any Age Requirements?

In general we do not have a minimum or maximum age. Our suggested minimum age is 5 years old, but each child is different. Infants are not allowed. Please note that some kids will be afraid of the heat and noise from the burners. All minors will need to have an adult present to sign a liability waiver. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.


If you are bringing an elderly person we highly recommend that they are not "frail" or "easily bruised" as landings are occasionally bumpy. All passengers should be able to stand for about 1 hour duration of the flight. If you have special needs please contact us. In late spring of 2022 we will also have a new door basket to assist those who have difficulty climbing into a basket. Please contact us if this is a need  for your flight.


How long are the flights?

Each flight is a minimum of 45 minutes to about an hour. Each flight is unique and will depend on landing locations, weather, and many other factors. The Pilot In Command is always responsible for the final decision of when to land for safety reasons.

Are Gift Certificates available?

Gift Cards can be purchased through our website on the book now page. These are a great way to give a balloon ride for a special occasion and let the recipient schedule at a later time. These gift cards are purchased and handled through our booking company. Please note currently there is no way to process refunds on gift cards. You can however give the code to someone else to use. 

What type of clothing should I wear? Is it cold up there?

Generally it will not be any hotter or colder during the flight. We do however recommend that you layer your clothing and dress as if you were hiking. You can always add or remove a sweatshirt or jacket.

We do not recommend open toed shoes, or shorts as our landing location is unknown and could be tall grass and contain hazards on the ground. We try to land on nice grass or parking lots, but that is not always possible.


Is it safe? Are you licensed? Insured?

Safety is always our #1 priority. Our balloons are the newest and safest around. All hot air balloons are FAA certified aircraft and are required to have inspections every year or 100 flight hours. Our pilots are also FAA licensed and regularly attend safety seminars and refreshers. We carry full aircraft liability insurance and review our safety policies and practices regularly.

Can we have alcohol on our flight? 

We do not allow alcohol on board during the flight for your safety. We do offer non alcoholic drinks such as water or Gatorade during the flight. We do provide a sparkling grape juice or champagne (Upon Request) toast after the flight. In most cases, alcohol after the flight will be okay. Some landing locations may not allow alcohol, such as schools or public parks. We also need to be respectful of landowner's when we land on their properties.

How do I get back? Where do we land?

Balloons very rarely land where they take off from, as we travel with the wind. Once we land we will pack the balloon up and return you to our meeting location. We always ensure that we have enough seats in our vehicle(s) to get you back to our meeting location. Some passengers choose to have friends or family follow the chase crew and once we land they can leave from the landing site and get on the road sooner. We do ask any additional vehicles closely follow crew and/or landowner directions to not interfere with recovery operations and to respect the landowners property.

I need a date or time not listed.

If you are celebrating a special occasion, or simply not finding a date and time that works with your schedule we would be happy to get back with you and see if we can add a date or time that works for you. Please Contact Us for assistance!



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