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Brittney's Rainbow

2019 - Cameron 0-105

Our newest balloon in the fleet! Added in 2019 this beautiful new balloon is 105,000 cubic feet and typically carries 4 adults. The balloon was named after our founder and chief pilot's daughter, Brittney!



2008 - Aeromagic

Pigasus is truly something unique. He was added to the Magic Clouds fleet in 2015. Pigasus is not available for private flights however you will often find him with he shades on and a big grin on his face at your favorite festivals and events. Contact Us if you would like information on having him at your next event!



2008 - Cameron N-105

Sapphire is still one of our favorite balloons! This was the first balloon in our fleet. It was purchased in 2013 and has been a true icon of our business since. 

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