Here is what just a few of our guests have said about their flight experience. We can't wait to hear your stories!


10/25/2016 - Reviewed by: Wyoma S.

Start to finish this experience is fantastic. This was our first experience with a hot air balloon ride and we had no idea what to expect. Magic Clouds LLC provided a complete, friendly, and professional experience. (Tyler Jaques), our pilot, is knowledgeable, friendly, and answered all our questions to be sure we understood everything. We snapped many beautiful pictures and have shared these with our friends and family. Without reservation we highly recommend this company, experience, and would go again!


10/04/2016 - Reviewed by: Peggy G.

The Balloon Ride was beyond five stars. Tyler was such a great pilot. He told us he had been flying ever since he was a child. His father was the pilot and used to fly the Tony Tiger Balloon for Kellogg Cereal Company. The view was so amazing. Floating through the air like a bird you could see for miles. As was approached Gull lake Tyler lowered the balloon to lake level and touch down twice on Gull lake making a little wave. We then traveled for a few more miles and then touch down in a corn field. The landing was very smooth. After we landed Tyler presented the riders a First Flight certificate, told us the story of the first Balloon flight history and recited The Balloonist Prayer. We then drank a salute to the ride with sparkling juice. I am looking forward to another ride with Magic Clouds. Thank you Tyler and your crew for such a wonderful experience.


07/09/2016 - Reviewed by: Michele D.

We purchased a balloon ride through Groupon to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary. It was more than just a balloon ride, it was an AMAZING experience! The pilot and crew were so courteous and friendly and we learned so much we never knew before. We enjoyed hearing the history of the balloons and heartfelt stories from Tyler (the pilot) and his crew. Seeing the crew work together as a team to create a successful launch, ride and landing was very educational. The ride itself was smooth and so beautifu! On our 25 mile ride, we saw the entire sunset, touched down on a lake, skimmed the treetops and saw deer running through the corn fields. It was definitely worth the money. If you ever have the chance DO IT! Ken and Michele D.


05/06/2016 - Reviewed by: Jessica K.

Tyler and the crew were awesome. Danny was great beforehand, explaining how things worked and making sure we got cool pictures. The toast at the end was an extra special touch we weren't expecting. Top notch customer service all the way around!



09/13/2015 - Reviewed by: Gary G.

What a Awesome Experience. A absolutely beautiful flight with breathtaking views. Thanks to our pilot Tyler and his crew they made the experience forever memorable!!!


09/10/2015 - Reviewed by: Sharon B.

We thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience from beginning to end. We have already spread the word and encouraged others to enjoy also.


08/31/2015 - Reviewed by: Bryant D.

The pilot and crew were very friendly. We enjoyed watching the crew work together to get the balloon ready for launch. The ride was beautiful with an exceptionally smooth liftoff and landing. A balloon ride is something I've wanted to do for many years. The history of ballooning and the glass of sparkling grape juice was a perfect ending to a wonderful flight.


08/27/2015 - Reviewed by: Beth S.

Tyler was an amazing pilot, knowledgable, frindly, personable. Enjoyed the views so much!


08/21/2015 - Reviewed by: Chris O.

What a great way to celebrate our anniversary!


08/15/2015 - Reviewed by: Pamela Z.

we loved the whole experience Tyler was a great pilot and the crew was friendly and fun to be around getting your feet wet in the water was a thrill we will never forget


08/09/2015 - Reviewed by: Benjamin R.

Tyler (pilot) was very accommodating and customer friendly. Great experience his team took great pictures of us.


08/08/2015 - Reviewed by: Deborah P.

Exceeded our expectations! A great experience! We requested to go over Gull lake, we actually skipped across the width of the lake. Ascending & descending were flawless. Plus souvenir champagne flutes. 5 stars for sure!


08/04/2015 - Reviewed by: Carol D.

Tyler was very personable. He explained things as we went along instead of bombarding us with information before we left. The only thing I found negative, was the smallness of the basket. I wish it were a little larger for 4 people and pilot.


08/01/2015 - Reviewed by: Maya N.

great experience !!!


08/01/2015 - Reviewed by: Virginia C.

A truly amazing experience for myself and young son! We will remember it forever! My son even got to help setup and take down the balloon!