Scenic Flights

We offer a variety of different flight options to accomodate all of your needs! Our most common flight is a "Shared Flight" where you will likely be paired with another individual or couple.


If you are looking to make that "Special Day" a private experience, we also offer Private Flights.


Have a large group of friends? We have options to accomodate everyone!  We accomodate groups of up to 4 people. Larger groups can be split into multiple flights or multiple balloons. Contact Us for more details.

Aerial Marketing

Special Events

Are you having a special event ? We offer all kinds of options to make your event more exciting. From organizing multiple balloons for a flight, balloon glow, or surprising that special someone with a ride. We do it all.


Why not give everyone a taste of flight with. We can provide tethered rides to all your guests. We can make that special occasion a real crowd pleaser! Contact us today to start planning!

Are you a business owner looking for a creative new strategy to get your business seen?  We can help!


Think back on the money spent on a billboard. How often do you see a picture taken of it? We fly at local events all across the country  with thousands of photos taken. Hot Air Balloons capture the imagination and adventure in all of us, and your logo will not soon be forgotten once they see it on the side of a 90,000+ Cubic Foot Balloon.